The Orange and The Obama Administration

Act I, the Press Briefing:

There was a hungry child

There was an Orange

The child was too young to peel the orange

Obama Administration said, we will feed the child

The press said, when?

Obama Admin said we are assessing the situation

The press said, why not just peel the orange and give it to the child?

Obama admin said we are in talks with the child and she is very happy about the orange

The press said, when will there be action?

Obama Admin said, historically we have peeled oranges for many children and this little one will be no exception.

The press again asked, when will there be action?

Obama Admin said, I understand your frustration but we have assured the child that the orange will be peeled.

The press said, why wait?

Obama Admin said, we have every intention of taking action. The child loves that orange and is happy that we are working on creating a committee to discuss a plan.

The press said, a committee to discuss a plan?? Why??

Obama Admin said, ever since we talked to her she’s calmed down and we’d like that to continue, hence the discussion

The press said, she’s crying now

Obama Admin said, she’s anxious but we’ve decided that she is happier because of the orange and our talk with her.

The Press said, do you have a time frame when you will peel and give her the orange?

Obama Admin said, it’s in discussion. Briefing’s over, have a good day ladies and gentlemen!