Oh, just that 2 Security companies that George Soros is a major investor in, decided to invest 8 million into Spain co, SCYTL about a month before Michelle Obama’s visit to their neighborhood of Barcelona. Might she have met CEO Pere Valle for some café con leche? It would have been rude for her not to since Mr. Valles reportedly lived in her old stomping grounds of Chicago while her husband was Senator.

As of January this year, SCYTL is now owner of SOE Election Software—a major player in calculating election outcomes and in training poll workers.

waiting for main stream media to respond to this….. so far cricket chirps but I remain hopeful cause that’s just the way I am.

UPDATE: turns out that SCYTL handled the voting systems in the Egyptian election and it so happens that the wife of the MB President-elect is a good friend of Huma Abedin’s ( Hillary Clinton’s Aide ) family who have Muslim Brotherhood connections .  

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SCYTL in Egypt  


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