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Here, Obama calls his work at consulting firm as “a spy behind enemy lines”

UPDATE (7-2012) I just found out that United Nations had just launched their Special Rapporteur program in 1980 and it grew in influence in a short time including work in Pakistan. Special Rapporteurs are like spies looking for human rights and other violations . Given the near-partnership the Business International Corporation has had with the United Nations it is possible that they might recruit someone from their company to work in the field. So was President Obama a Special Rapporteur or an assistant to one during his Pakistan visit? He seems to be a fan of them as evidenced by his hand in encouraging the UN to appoint more for various causes.  I have to also wonder if Pres Obama was groomed by the UN since he was a young man as many of his policies match theirs, right down to creating councils that are custom-fit to employ the Agenda 21 plan.

Also, Z. Brzezinski was a Columbia University professor at the time when Barack Obama was there. Sec/Prof Brzezinski was/is very involved with UN operations and no stranger to Pakistan and Afghanistan thanks to his position in the Carter Admin.

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Note that former Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman worked as Barack Obama boss at the “informal office” (per NYT article) of Business International Corporation

Also, Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham / Obama / Soetero was a USAID worker where she employed her anthropology skills in the form of agriculture development

Important Sec Orville Freeman noted in John F. Kennedy ‘s daily log:


And Sec Orville Freeman ‘s New York Time 2003 Obituary :


How nice that the late (reminder, Barack Obama ‘s former boss from his old Business International Corporation Days ) Agriculture Sec Freeman ‘s daughter Constance live/d in Nairobi , Kenya  — I hear it’s very beautiful there.

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Seems this EIU ( Economist Intelligence Unit , a division of The Economist Group ) that took over Business International Corporation works closely with the United Nations


See the PDF report (1st on search result) for Economist Intelligence Unit (Division of The Economist Group) recommendations for migrants  http://www.un.org/esa/population/meetings/seventhcoord2008/GMB_ExecSumEIU.pdf

Here is a snipshot from it:

Borders?? We don’t need no stinkin’ borders!


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