Agenda 21 was drafted in 1992, shortly before Clinton became President. Clinton is a big proponent of United Nations leadership as proven through his kumbya Clinton Global Initiative and his wife, Hillary is no exception as she sits on their various boards, including the Middle East Quartet .

I have been reading the Agenda 21 draft along with paying close attention to the legislation Democrats pass and causes liberals chant for. I see a direct correlation and have decided that Democrat legislators are intentionally going the way of United Nations control, AKA One World Government. There are also many Executive Orders that President Obama has covertly passed that create councils that seem to assist Agenda 21 and the most notable one is EO 13575 , signed during the hoopala about Weinergate in June , 2011 —- which, oddly enough, adds up to 21 .

Here is an important link for Rio 20+  :

Note the innocent-sounding term “ Social Inclusion ” and then check out this PDF file for insight on how it is to be implemented :

Now, ask yourself, do we really need some huge World Leadership lay guidelines to do what the majority of us already inherently want to do anyway? And by the way, history has proven that the larger the government or empire, the more restless the tribes are . The most peaceful people are ones that are left to themselves to live under the natural hiarchy of governments created by the people for the people. United Nations is not created by the people or for the people as they seem to assume their laws are not good enough or are flat-out injust and assume their one-size-fits-all approach is the way to go.

I am glad that there are a few countries that are not falling into the trap and are hated by the UN even though they have done absolutely nothing wrong and in fact, are flourishing with a great economy and have low crime. On top of that, their education is superb. But they are defined as uncooperative and unjust. You can probably guess which countries I’m referring to.

At this point it will take a miracle for our country to not fall into the trap but I am praying hard. It’s just less than 2 weeks away folks so I hope you too will join me in prayer.

Thanks and May God Bless The USA !