So Mark Kirk, the GOPer who was elected to Pres Obama’s old spot , meets with Polish President and receives the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Republic of Poland from him and days later President Obama mistakenly says “Polish Death Camps” instead of German or Nazi War Camps . And then today he calls Sen Kirk to wish him well in his recovery for the first time since he had a stroke in January — which is nice but the delayed timing is curious. 

Here’s the link to the article about the visit with Polish President :

It so happens that Sen Kirk’s ex-wife filed a complaint to FEC about campaign contribution abuse this week and so Huffington Post dutifully writes a article about Pres Obama’s call but decides to throw in the report about the ex-wife along with it. One might call it a smear because it is so brief w/nothing that justifies adding it to the article.

Here’s the link to the HuffPo article:

And then we have Obama saying Polish Death Camps which is really a major gaffe. Remember or at least Google to find out what Pres Obama’s relationship with Poland has been since he took office.

By the way, the current Polish President,  Bronisław Komorowski , took over after this tragic and controversial crash that killed President Kaczyński and his wife

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