The United Nation’s Law Of Sea Treaty ( LOST ) is about to be presented to congress and I encourage you all to look into the details about it. It is basically turning the commerce of the oceans into a Socialist program. Just look at the PDF file below that I stumbled across on the UN website — it’s basically saying that you can’t freely fish on the open seas because you might unfairly threaten fisheries ( FISH FARMS !!!! the ones that HARM ENVIRONMENT ) in undeveloped countries . Folks, this is pure insanity. I think the UN thinks they are gods and mankind is not to be left alone without their help— but they are wicked because they end up making people poorer and more oppressed. Just look at the leadership in the UN , most are NOT saintly !!


I also encourage you to read all about the Rio + 21 which is the pathway to Agenda 21 ratification as it is the 20 year anniversary of its drafting. And without a doubt, President Obama is on board. Look at the Executive Order 13575 that was signed last year during Weinergate – it has all the ingredients necessary for the all the demands to be carried out in our country. Coincidently or not, 13575 adds up to 21 . ( deedoodeedoo…)


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