See Update at bottom for info on the INTERPOL and their involvment with the ATF

Like so many policies that come down the pike from the Obama Administration, the gun-running one called Fast and Furious may have been suggested by the UN . The specific direction isn’t detailed in this snippet but one has to wonder what “working closely” means. I will look further into this and update as necessary.

As a side-note and update on my post, “ Insight into Obama’s time with Business International Corporation” , I am finding strong evidence that the exclusive purpose of that company was to set United Nations guidelines for businesses wanting to establish businesses overseas and more. BIC (Business International corporation) books, not only pamphlets as reported in Obama’s bios, actually create guidelines for the UN in general and a 1967 one being titled “ United Nations & The Business World “ . I ordered a copy of this book and am looking forward to receiving it after reading samples from Google Books. It’s definitely not just about corporate business. So with that I now have a theory that Pres Obama was groomed to be a leader of some capacity by the UN since he was a young man.

So now whenever some controversial policy comes up I search the site . It helps explain where Obama is coming from very well.

Anyway, here’s the link dated September 9, 2009  for the statement re gun control

And the screengrab of where the UN Sec Gen makes his suggestion:


And here’s a bit of background on UN’s agenda to rid the whole world of all guns—even those owned by private law-abiding citizens

UN wants to take guns from private non-threatening citizens 2005

UN wants our legal guns 2005

UN wants our legal guns 2005 pt 2

Was Fast and Furious a result of these suggestions? One has to wonder.


ever heard of Interpol or the IwETs Program? Me neither until today but this snipshot came from the UN website and basically it is the UN’s police and only since the Obama Admin it’s been part of the Department Of Justice as well has grown into a major force. So Houston we might have a problem.

And now another update:In 2009 Dept Of Justice needed Spanish spking personnel for gun-tracking as well as funding concerns so INTERPOL was considered

click image to see full-screen

this was from a UN General Assembly Meeting in March 2012

this was from a UN General Assembly Meeting in March 2012

oh look, INTERPOL now makes their own passports!

so I guess INTERPOL, who merged with the UN a couple of years ago, is sovereign.

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