IMF takeover of Federal Reserve?

Fed Reserve and IMF report  12-2011

some other blogger gets how the UN shepherds in Corporate Colonialism which leads to famine of the indigenous ppl that they claim to defend

Famine causes by International Famine Centre 2003 -- dams IMF World Bank

They take issue with Romney for standing with  Israel’s interest

mention of Mitt Romney

UN’s  favorite word in describing the United States citizens : Xenophobes

UN nonsense about Xenophobia claims -- 3870 results on search for that word

Borders? Weee don’t neeeed no stinkin’ borders!!

borders we dont need no stinkin borders

And messing with Mother Nature makes for time-out in the corner—eventually

Cloud seeding 2009

Cloud seeding and dam building plans for African countries

Cloud seeding in Africa and Asia plus share the waters msg

Oh the hatred that constitutional freedom breeds…..

criminalizing hate speech pdf snippet


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