Anthony Weiner, Ali Mohamed , Huma Abedin

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Huma defended Ali Mohamed. His whereabouts are not publically known. The similarities between her husband and Ali Mohamed appearances made me wonder if he is used as a decoy in MB circles. Anthony Weiner is not a household name in Arab countries so it’s possible. But this is just a thought and is a total conspiracy theory with no solid evidence to support it . Either way, I thought I’d post the pictures for you to decide, which is my general MO with my other posts.

UPDATE: Be sure to read the screengrab below — it is an addendum to support my theory. Huma and her family are friends of the MB and Ali Mohamed’s whereabouts are still unknown to intel.

Ali Mohamed – late 1980’s                   Anthony Weiner mid-2011

Ali Mohamed screen shot from 1989

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Did Murdered John P Wheeler III Know About Iraq and Phosgene stockpiles?

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Some reports say that the stockpiles were distributed throughout the USA, including near the UN

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A search for AGENDA 21 on the White House website brings up this

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Executive Order 13575 , Establishment of the White House Rural Council,

which paves the path for Agenda 21 and btw, 1+3+5+7+5 = 21 . Creeped out yet?




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