Is unusual weather sometimes MANufactured, not “man-caused” (ie pollutants, etc) climate change?

WMO delivers the message that weather modification is necessary to combat man-caused climate change or global warming and that message may be accepted by many in the Meteorological community but is it really the primary motivation? Is the UN creating an illusion or employing weather modification to geological areas of their interest, then blaming resulting disasters on MMGW? Let’s do a little chicken/egg critical thinking with the help of WMO’s own publications.

Look at the discussions at a WMO Weather Modification Conference in 2011 and especially at the 2.66  section where you’ll find bizarre methods proposed—and played out :

There’s a lot of references to weather modification in the UN website, even a treaty to require countries (that’s “member states” to UN) state that they won’t use it as a weapon. This treaty, drawn-up decades ago, even refers to man-made earthquakes (Haiti?) , hurricanes (Sandy?) , and tsunamis. So it sounds like the UN wields a lot of knowledge on the subject of weather/environmental modification. The treaty,ENMOD is directed at mainly military so it sort of gives the UN a way to use the method themselves.

Here’s more on that treaty :

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