or, the UN as I know it

so using Myanmar/Burma as an example, you have this political conflict involving military and a recently freed prisonerette and UN finds it convenient to step in and offer their ombudsman service. Well, this sounds wonderful to the myopic low-infos but from reading the history of the UN and the results that have transpired from their intervention I know it’s not at all. UN is about corporate colonialism and the NWO that will give elite corporations a leash that can circle the Earth. Myanmar/Burma has a rare earth mineral that’s of incredible value to the elite—they don’t care about the indigenous people there. In fact,the peoples of Burma said they like the simple life, not the big city life being forced on them. And then there’s mega-dams that deprive the indigenous of their usual waterways. This is the case all over the world, UN or not but UN endorses the building of dams and spin it as beneficial to all. Yeah right, tell that to the farmer 500 miles from that dam. They want to blame the famine on droughts and droughts on man-caused global warming so money will rain down hard. And Lord it does, like cats and dogs. Just take a look at the funding that comes in simply because the UN claims this or that needs consideration. All it takes is a few clicks folks, you can find the info. A big i.e. is the US taxpayers are paying for Arab propaganda orgs. I don’t lie.


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