So, tomorrow is the first day of the UN climate conference in Paris, France , where globalists will throw a bunch of stuff on the table and call it climate change talks. Everything from human rights, guns, poverty to religion (especially “infidel” Christianity and Judaism) will have to do with climate in this conference.
So , I am not surprised that there have been quite a few recent incidences involving shootings, police “injustice”, women’s issues, so-called right wing terrorism, immigration issues and more ridiculous claims that I believe are false flags and/or hoaxes created by governments that are influenced by the UN.
Having said that , I will name a few shootings that I believe are likely hoaxes for the purpose of gun control agenda.

Tucson Arizona shooting
Sandy Hook
Boston bombing (not shooting but false flag for control)
Santa Barbara shooting
Lax shooting
Colorado theater shooting
Virginia shooting
Charleston Church shooting
Umpqua  College shooting
Paris France shooting
Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting

That’s just a few, not to mention the numerous protests based on false information given to sheep