Excerpt from 2010 UN press release:

In the afternoon, the Secretary-General held private meetings with key players in the creative community to discuss and share ideas on addressing various issues on the United Nations agenda. On the issue of Haiti, he met with actors Sean Penn and Maria Bello, followed by a meeting with actress Demi Moore on the issue of human trafficking. He also met with Hollywood celebrities Anne Hathaway, Mira Sorvino and Stevie Wonder, among others, to discuss stories to be told about the United Nations on the frontlines of global issues.

Now we hear Sean Penn interviewed El Chapo this past October.  With the United Nations blessings? They are a crooked organization that promotes the scum of the Earth. I’ve done years of research (as a casual observer) on the UN and conclude they HATE America, Israel, colonizing (mainly Anglo) countries and Christians. El Chapo helps bring down America and Europe with his drug supply so it makes sense the UN would welcome Mr Penn’s efforts.

This excerpt is from December 2015 UN press release — after the interview!

Proven innovative policies and mechanisms are unlocking investment for much-needed climate-smart infrastructure in cities, according to a new report launched today at Paris City Hall by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and international partners.

“Your efforts enable your citizens to reduce their carbon footprint, breathe cleaner air and live more healthy lives,” Mr. Ban told mayors and local leaders from all regions of the world during an event of the Climate Summit for Local Leaders, taking place on the margins of the UN climate change conference (COP21).

Celebrities attending the event included Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford and Sean Penn, advocates for climate action who support UN efforts towards building a sustainable future.

Since the beginning of the week, governments have been meeting to adopt what is hoped will be an ambitious global climate change agreement to limit global temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius. The UN chief said mayors and local leaders “are essential to this effort.”